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SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic


A daytime vitamin C serum with advanced environmental protection and improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and brightens the skin’s complexion.


A powerful, award-winning, daily-use antioxidant serum, C E Ferulic provides 8x the skin’s protection against free radical damage caused by environmental aggressors such as UV rays, infrared radiation, and pollution. Its synergistic combination of antioxidants also helps preserve the integrity of the skin’s supportive protein matrix and improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, and skin brightness.

Skin Type

Ideal for normal and dry skin types.

When to Apply


How to Use

In the morning after cleansing and toning, apply four (4) to five (5) drops to a dry face, neck, and chest before all other skincare products. May also be used on the back of the hands.  NOTE: It is normal for vitamin C products to darken after opening due to air and light exposure. The formula will remain effective. Once opened, it is recommended to be used within three (3) months.

Key Ingredients

  • 15% L-ascorbic acid: This highly potent form of pure vitamin C helps neutralize free radicals and helps protect against oxidative stress while providing visible anti-aging benefits.
  • 1% alpha tocopherol: This form of vitamin E neutralizes free radicals and replenishes skin lipids. It has been proven to act synergistically with vitamin C.
  • 0.5% ferulic acid: Ferulic acid neutralizes free radicals and enhances the antioxidant benefits of vitamins C and E.

Formulation Features

Paraben-free, alcohol-free, dye-free, fragrance-free, gluten-free, silicone-free. In order for a vitamin C serum to be effective it must be formulated with pure L-ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) at an acidic pH within the 2.0-3.5 pH range and have a concentration between 10-20%.



A 16-Week clinical study conducted on 50 Caucasian male and female subjects aged 40 to 60 years old showed visible results on aging attributes of lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity while improving skin redness, texture, and overall brightness. For controlled results, subjects used SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser and Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30 daily, and Emollience moisturizer as needed.

Complete your regimen with the SkinCeuticals Sheer or Physical Fusion SPF 50 sunscreen. When used in combination, SkinCeuticals antioxidants and broad-spectrum sunscreens provide more comprehensive protection against visible aging caused by environmental aggressors.

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